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Event Paparazzi

Every picture has a story.
There are significant moments in everyone’s life that deserve to be captured, and All Aspects Events Photography is passionate about preserving them for you. Done well, emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through – creating memories that will last a lifetime
Our photographer will snap your guests as they arrive and at the drinks reception before they settle down at their tables. We will continue to take pictures of them dancing the rest of the night away.

If the Paparazzi option is
included with our amazing video projection package we can also show your pictures as the fun happens on the large screen!!!
We will post all of the pictures on our site where you will be able to veiw & download them completely free.With this popular service you get approx 100 pictures to download from our website.
We cover theme events, parties, product launches, road shows, company fun days, in fact anywhere there are photographs to be taken. We can provide anything from a single digital photographer to a whole paparazzi team.

Enjoy seeing those magical moments again and again!!!
The Paparazzi option starts from £300.00
but please call for a quote for your event.
Our most recent events are shown below. Please call for quotes and custom options.
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